• The Eli's Park Project

We just wanted to reach out with an exciting update on the Eli’s Park Project.

As of November 9, the project is officially out for public bid. It will remain open for four weeks and then our partners will view the bids and vet and hire a contractor following the City of Seattle’s equitable hiring process.

Then, the part we’ve all been working toward and waiting for...

...we build Pathways Park!

We can't wait to have a place in our community where we all belong.

This fall the Eli’s Park Project has two wonderful interns from Seattle University, Tessa Oliver who is on the swim team at Seattle University and Mason Hoover who is on the baseball team at Seattle University. They will be updating our social media and website, so follow along to stay posted on our progress!

Message From Tessa: “I am excited to be part of this amazing project. I think the message of inclusivity and accessibility for all that Eli’s Project promotes is so important.”

Message From Mason: “I’m very excited I get to help work on Eli’s Park Project! I love the meaning behind the project and what's ahead!”

We are still working hard on getting this park built and wanted to reach and say thank you again for all the love and support along the way.

We appreciate you all.

  • The Eli's Park Project

In early May we asked for your help. Dozens of you responded with letters, quotes and testimonials of how you and your loved ones plan to use Pathways Park. We are so grateful, so honored and so proud to tell you that it worked!

We are recipients of $850,000 of Dan Thompson Memorial funding!

Not only is this exciting news for our project, but for our entire state. In loving memory of Dan Thompson, a memorial fund was created in 2005. This year, in partnership with our legislature, $55 million has been allocated to different organizations and community groups who directly serve people with developmental disabilities.

Click here to see the full list of recommendations and to learn about the amazing work happening in Washington that will improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

What’s Next for Pathways Park?

This funding brings our total raised to just under $5.8 million! The project is almost ready to go to bid and then we’ll find out how much it will actually cost to build this amazing park. We’re hopeful we’ve raised enough to build it exactly as you’ve dreamed it.

Thank you for being there at every turn of this wild, winding pathway that has led to a park for us all.

The Eli’s Park Project first started with a little boy who inspired a big idea. But the project really began with a simple google search, something like, “seattle landscape architects who are also kind humans” and a cold call to the first firm that popped up: Site Workshop.

They submitted an application and were unanimously and enthusiastically chosen to lead the project. This line in their application stood out to the team, “If our work as designers is going to be responsive to the needs of the community, we need to invest in hearing from the broadest range of voices.” They have invested limitlessly, for the past five years, and as a result, are building both a beautiful community and a beautiful park.

Vinita Sindhu, Clayton Beaudoin and Patrick Pirtle are three of the wonderful landscape architects who’ve been leading the project from the beginning. They have put countless hours into the project. From meeting with small handfuls of people, to hosting large community events, to even helping brew the first ever Inclusion IPA with our friends at Ravenna Brewing.

The truly inclusive nature of the project is what really stands out to Vinita. “From the beginning, this project made a commitment to inclusion that far exceeds any other project I’ve worked on. That commitment to a park that is truly designed for all was what attracted me to this project and what has continued to inspire our team.”

Site Workshop has embraced and embodied this commitment to inclusion throughout the entire process. “They are absolute experts, yet they genuinely believe that people’s lived experiences are another form of expertise. Their unique and powerful leadership style centers listening, learning and loving,” says Paige Reischl, project volunteer.

Vinita, Clayton and Patrick have turned years of listening into an amazing plan for a park that honors and elevates the dreams and needs of thousands of community members who’ve come together to imagine a place that works for everyone.

When asked about his favorite feature Clayton said, “My favorite feature of the park is the treehouse, which cantilevers out over the ravine creating the feeling of being very high up, yet is easily accessible for absolutely everyone.”

Like the treehouse, each feature in the park will be accessible for all. Every feature is also thoughtfully designed to be used in a variety of ways, to include art, to hold messages of welcoming and to carry reminders that our differences are beautiful and should be celebrated.

We are so grateful to Vinita, Clayton and Patrick for pouring their time and talent into our project and community.

We’re getting together at the park one more time before we break ground this summer. Come meet the landscape architects behind, and really at the heart of, the future Pathways Park. They are the very best.