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Tons of Basalt!

The main goal of the Eli’s Park Project over the past six years has been to listen to our community and create a space that is physically and socially accessible, inclusive and welcoming for everyone. We think we’ve hit the mark with the design and construction of Pathways Park!

(Team members exploring one of the many loads of basalt delivered by Selland Construction.)

So often natural environments aren’t accessible to people who rely on mobility and assistive devices to get around. And so often accessible parks and play areas are mostly devoid of nature. If there’s anything we can all agree on in the PNW it’s that we love our nature! We knew a truly inclusive park, meant for everyone, would have to be nature-based and accessible. Fortunately, our wonderfully creative team of landscape architects have found so many innovative ways to incorporate natural elements and materials without comprising accessibility.

One element of the design we’re really excited about all that basalt! We received a super generous offer to take as much basalt as we could use from a supporter's property in Eastern Washington. But, transporting rocks across the mountain passes requires lots of planning and work, heavy duty equipment, an experienced team and multiple loads.

Selland Construction made it possible for us to accept and include so much beautiful basalt into the project by volunteering their time and resources to coordinate, pick up and transport over 100 tons of basalt to our construction site. It's being used in a variety of ways from seating, to structure, to custom play features.

Thank you so much, Selland Construction, for being friends of the project and for literally delivering tons of natural beauty to our community.


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