Our Roots

Pathways Park

Pathways Park is located on native land of the Puget Sound Salish tribe. We recognize and celebrate the origins of the land and are grateful for the opportunity to create our vision of an inclusive space for all. 

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The History

The Native Americans of Puget Sound have been known as Puget Salish and Southern Coast Salish, and by various spellings of tribes and reservations such as Duwamish, Nisqually, Skagit, and Snoqualmie.


Learn more about the Southern Lushootseed language here 


ʔusuxʷtxʷ čəɫ tiiɫ səsʔa čəɫ ʔal ti swatixʷtəd ʔə tə dᶻixʷ ʔaciɫtalbixʷ,
ʔə tiiɫ dxʷdəẃabš tiiɫ ƛ́usɫaɫil gʷələ ƛ́usx̌aƛ́ ʔal tə swatixʷtəd.

ƛ́ususuxʷtubuɫəd čəɫ
ƛ́usulax̌tubuɫəd čəɫ
ƛ́usušəqədtubuɫəd čəɫ


We acknowledge that we are on the ancestral territory of the Coast Salish people, including the Duwamish People who continue to live and love on this land.

We recognize you.

We remember you.

We honor you.