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Email you will, hmmmm?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

So many of you have been reaching out and saying you want to help and are just waiting for an opportunity. Well, okay, at least one of you said that!

We are really excited to have a huge proposal submitted on our behalf in this year’s city budget cycle. You can increase our odds of receiving public funding by emailing our city councilmembers at: and telling them why you support The Eli’s Park Project by November 22nd.

Here are a few things we believe:

· Everybody deserves access to nature and the health benefits it provides.

· A more diverse community will result in a more inclusive world.

· There are too many people excluded from our community because of a lack of physical or emotional access and safety.

· Every person and voice is important.

· People with privilege have a responsibility to center and amplify the voices of our brothers and sisters who have equal value but less access to power.

· The people who will use this park have to be the people informing the design.

· This is going to be a beautiful park enjoyed by our beautiful community!

Some people believe early Halloween celebrations included Druids making predictions about the future. If this project helps you imagine a brighter future for yourself or someone you love, please share your story.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, I think we can all agree that Yoda would say, Much work to do, we still have!


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