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ʔusuxʷtxʷ čəɫ tiiɫ səsʔa čəɫ ʔal ti swatixʷtəd ʔə tə dᶻixʷ ʔaciɫtalbixʷ,
ʔə tiiɫ dxʷdəẃabš tiiɫ ƛ́usɫaɫil gʷələ ƛ́usx̌aƛ́ ʔal tə swatixʷtəd.

ƛ́ususuxʷtubuɫəd čəɫ
ƛ́usulax̌tubuɫəd čəɫ
ƛ́usušəqədtubuɫəd čəɫ


We acknowledge that we are on the ancestral territory of the Coast Salish people, including the Duwamish People who continue to live and love on this land.

We recognize you.

We remember you.

We honor you.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Sweet Eli entered the world and changed everything. His life was a testament to the beauty and benefits of inclusion. In the not-quite four years Eli had, he left a path to follow toward a more inclusive world. The Eli’s Park Project is committed to carrying on his legacy of love through a community-led renovation of the Burke-Gilman Playground Park. We are working with our community to create an accessible, inclusive, nature-based park where people of all ages and abilities can find play and peace.


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