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The Countdown Is On!

We just wanted to reach out with an exciting update on the Eli’s Park Project.

As of November 9, the project is officially out for public bid. It will remain open for four weeks and then our partners will view the bids and vet and hire a contractor following the City of Seattle’s equitable hiring process.

Then, the part we’ve all been working toward and waiting for...

...we build Pathways Park!

We can't wait to have a place in our community where we all belong.

This fall the Eli’s Park Project has two wonderful interns from Seattle University, Tessa Oliver who is on the swim team at Seattle University and Mason Hoover who is on the baseball team at Seattle University. They will be updating our social media and website, so follow along to stay posted on our progress!

Message From Tessa: “I am excited to be part of this amazing project. I think the message of inclusivity and accessibility for all that Eli’s Project promotes is so important.”

Message From Mason: “I’m very excited I get to help work on Eli’s Park Project! I love the meaning behind the project and what's ahead!”

We are still working hard on getting this park built and wanted to reach and say thank you again for all the love and support along the way.

We appreciate you all.


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