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Pathways Park is Open!

Thank you so much for coming to the grand opening event for Pathways Park. It was a beautiful celebration.

Photo Credit: Jocelyn RC

You can check out more photos in this blog post.


The Eli’s Park Project has been a labor of love by an entire community. And with the opening of Pathways Park, we have achieved our mission. Together, we created a place where people of people of all ages, abilities and identities feel a sense of belonging exactly as they are.


To begin this new chapter, we will be moving our website and social media. Please continue to follow along! With your contributions and support, we can make sure Pathways Park continues to be a safe, beautiful and welcoming place for all.


Our partners at Seattle Parks Foundation will be supporting our transition.


Check out our new webpage here and sign up for their email newsletter here.


Follow them on Instagram @seattleparksfoundation for updates on Pathways Park and other parks and public spaces throughout the region.


Follow the new Friends Of group at @friendsofpathwayspark and sign up to participate here. Hannah Viano and Shawn Rundell will be collaborating to organize work parties, help maintain the beautiful art in the park and will keep you informed.


We hope you’ll follow along and stay connected to the Pathways Park community!


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