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Party at Pathways Park!

Please join us this Saturday, June 8th from 1-4pm to celebrate the opening of Pathways Park.

5201 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle

Shuttles Provided by Seattle Children's Hospital.

There are ADA parking spaces onsite. The other spaces are extremely limited and will be reserved for people who could benefit from more accessible parking.

Please see post for more information.

The Eli's Park Project began with a dream to create a more inclusive community for all. Thanks to all of you, seven years later, we are about to celebrate the grand opening of Pathways Park–a place where we all belong exactly as we are.

Please take some time to learn more about the beautiful community members and organizations who are coming out to help make this celebration special. Many of the people and organizations highlighted below have been involved since the beginning of the project. All of them are using their time and talents to create more inclusive spaces in our world.

Aleksa Manila


Aleksa Manila is Seattle's sweetheart of social activism. As a genderqueer FilipinX immigrant, her passion lies in honoring and uplifting marginalized communities especially BIPOC and gender diverse people. Her early years started with HIV education and intervention targeting young Asian Pacific islander gay men. This commitment blossomed working closely with LGBTQ organizations like Public Health - Seattle and King County, Seattle Counseling Service, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, People of Color Against AIDS Network, Entre Hermanos, UTOPIA among others. Mx Manila is featured in the GLAAD and Emmy nominated documentary, Caretakers directed by Geena Rocero, produced by PBS.

DJ Kimere De Leon

Meet DJ Kimere a dynamic force of musical talent, community engagement, and vibrant energy. With a rich tapestry of experiences in DJing, event coordination, and fostering inclusive spaces, Kimere isn't just about playing music; they're about creating experiences that resonate deeply with every attendee.

A passionate advocate for self-expression and unity through the universal language of music, Kimere has been at the forefront of curating events that champion diversity, inclusivity, and the celebration of cultures. From electrifying club nights to soulful community gatherings, their sets are a journey that inspire, uplift, and bring people together.

Beyond the decks, Kimere's commitment to community is unwavering. Through collaborations with local artists, support for marginalized voices, and a dedication to creating safe, welcoming spaces, their work transcends music – it's a movement towards a more connected and expressive world.

Nancy Jo Bob

All Southern Lushootseed in the project has been translated by q́ʷat́ələmu (Nancy Jo Bob) & qəɬtəblu (Tami Hohn). Nancy is a teacher, researcher, historian and expert at using language to bridge gap in cultural understanding. Apart from the translation work she has done on the project, Nancy has also provided language courses in Southern Lushootseed for community members. She teaches about the local Southern Lushootseed culture, and is working to revive the language and the aspects of the culture that were undermined during the slow erosion of the language due to oppressive measures taken by the dominant settler regime.

Clif Simmons


Afrobeat and Dancehall are powerful dance styles that celebrate life, culture, and community among the African Diaspora. Clifton's unmatched energy and enthusiasm bring a unique and inspiring dance style that engages the entire body and spreads good vibes in every session. His impact is undeniable, motivating many to connect with their roots and express themselves through dance.

Sage Wilde

Sage Wilde, founder of Connected with Sage, brings a wave of wellness to the park with yoga stretching and as the official hydration sponsor. Sage will lead attendees through a series of mat-free yoga stretches. Designed to be inclusive for all bodies, these movements are the perfect preparation for the energetic activities planned for the day.

Sage will also be sharing the life-enhancing benefits of Kangen Water through engaging demonstrations aimed at transforming our understanding and interaction with water in our daily lives.

With a holistic approach to health and wellness, Sage's segment promises to rejuvenate the body, enlighten the mind, and hydrate the spirit. Join Sage for an enriching experience that marries the purity of water with the fluidity of movement, making wellness accessible to everyone.

Frelard Tamales


Dennis and Osbaldo decided to launch Frelard Tamales in 2015 after they noticed a lack of authentic Mexican tamales in Seattle. Using Osbaldo's family recipe, Frelard Tamales has been able to continue a Mexican tradition of cooking and delivering an authentic taste. Frelard comes from a combination of (Fre)mont and Bal(lard) since that is where we live and started our small business. It is an ironic name as we are currently located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle.

Aside from making tamales and running the business, both of them hold full-time positions: Dennis worked as cancer research scientist at Seattle Children's Hospital for over seven years before beginning his commercial brewing career at Hellbent Brewing Co. He received his Masters Brewer certificate from UC Davis. Osbaldo works as a Community Engagement Coordinator for the City of Seattle but has held different professional roles including working for U.S. Senator Patty Murray, the Shoreline & Bellevue School Districts and is a former high school social studies teacher.

Dennis is a local Ballard native and Osbaldo was born and raised in Puerto Vallarta until the early 2000s when he and his family moved to the Seattle area. They are both huge outdoor adventurists and enjoy hiking, snow shoeing, and camping. They have two fun and energetic dogs: one a chocolate labrador and a mutt mix who take more of their time than making tamales.

Osbaldo & Dennis are not afraid of making their beliefs and political values known. As a proud interracial gay couple, they often support local causes especially around the issues of immigrant and LGBTQ rights. 

Seattle Tilth Garden Hotline


The Garden Hotline team promotes and adopts natural yard care practices in northwest gardens in the King County area to further the goals of our funding partners. We help northwest residents reduce waste, conserve water and resources, and minimize chemical use while creating vibrant landscape. Services include:

  • A gardening phone help line and email service, Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, answering natural yard care questions.

  • Answering the hazardous waste phone line for the Hazardous Waste Management Program for King County, Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • Providing chat service for the RainWise program on the 700 million gallons website Monday through Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

  • Providing in person workshops, presentations, garden tours, and information and activity tables at events throughout King County year-round.

Rec'N the Streets and Specialized Programs


Rec’N The Streets is a program that connects community groups that understand what their communities want and need to participate in physical activity, and brings it to them. Built on trust, community engagement and the want to improve the health of their neighborhoods’ population, Rec’N The Streets utilizes interactive, educational and fun exercises to promote health and wellbeing.

The Specialized Programs unit of Seattle Parks and Recreation offers year-round activities for people with disabilities. The purpose is to provide recreational opportunities for individuals who may choose to participate in activities specifically designed and conducted by trained staff to best meet their needs.

And a huge, heartfelt thank you to the most wonderful, talented

Aaryialynn Zimmerman

for the beautiful images and for taking over our social media to make sure everyone has all the information they need to party together at Pathways Park!


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