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Nature & Health Speaks

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Thanks to the University of Washington’s Nature and Health for inviting to share our inclusive design process through their Nature and Health Speaks series.

Nature and Health is a group of community members, scientists and practitioners who are passionate about the connections between nature and human health and well-being. They establish connections between individuals to “contribute to the design of health-care, educational and community settings that benefit all people.” We had the opportunity to talk to, learn from and connect with over 45 individuals doing incredible work in our local community and across Washington state and the nation.

Our conversations were thought provoking, invigorating and insightful. In our breakout rooms, participants shared the benefits of inclusive design processes for nature-based projects, the importance of building outdoor spaces to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, the challenges of engaging community during COVID and the need for including anti-displacement strategies into projects that have green outdoor spaces.

Star Berry (she/her), Program Manager of Nature and Health, was “encouraged to think about what it means to be welcoming in addition to being accessible and…allowing for relationships and needs to build.”

We’re inspired by collaborative efforts of this group working together to ensure access and inclusion in nature for all. Check out their fantastic line-up of upcoming speakers and follow them @UWNatureHealth to stay updated on their amazing work.


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