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Inclusion Matters: Now More Than Ever

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

In this time of isolation, here are some thoughts on inclusion from our team and partners.

While we’re all seeing less of each other physically, I think we’re getting a better view into the hearts and souls of each other. We’re seeing and accepting people for who we really are, which is helping us become a more inclusive community.

Of course, we can’t predict all the outcomes of this pandemic. We know there will be a lot of struggle and can be sure the impacts will not be equitable. Still, what I see people doing right now, gives me hope.

I’ve seen school principals hand delivering lunches to ensure their community has access to food. I receive a daily social emotional moment from our school counselor every morning with reminders and reassurance that we can do this. I see community members rallying around small businesses and small businesses supporting each other. I see neighbors checking on each other, people writing letters, giving blood, sewing masks and doing their best to get some work done while also teaching – or at least loving – their kids.

We’re including each other by making sure people feel cared about, a sense of belonging and membership. We’re including each other by trying to help everyone get access to what they need. We’re including each other by finding creative ways to participate in community.

We’ll continue to share our videos. Not because we aren’t taking this moment in time seriously, but because we know it will end. And when it does, we’ll need community, inclusion and a place where we can all come together more than ever. Let’s carry this love forward.

Be well. Holding you all close…from a distance.


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