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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

GiveBIG, Seattle’s online giving event, begins today. Here are three easy ways you can have an impact this year:





This year Seattle Parks Foundation is contributing $100 for each new donor that any partner group receives during GiveBIG (up to $1,500). So, if you plan to give this year, we encourage you to support a new project. Or two!

Here are a few of the amazing groups that have inspired us this year:

Be’er Sheva

Cayton’s Corner

Greening Concord

Little Brook Youth Corps

You really can’t go wrong. All partners are doing incredible and important work around our city. For a complete list of partners click here.


You don’t have to donate to have a huge impact on community projects. The Eli’s Park Project is applying for another Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. A central part of these awards is the community match which can be met with volunteer time. You’ve helped us meet our match this cycle! You can help us do it again by pledging your volunteer hours here.


Call your grandma, email your friends or do all the social media things people do.

Your support is everything. As one member of our design team always says, “You know, we’re really gonna do this, right?” We are. With you and because of you!

With love, gratitude and hope for a more inclusive world.

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