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Dear Community,

More than seven years ago, the Eli’s Park Project began with a collective dream to make our world more inclusive. I couldn’t have even begun to imagine then what a beautiful community and park we would create together.


Thank you. Together we made Pathways Park happen. We all shared what we had. Our talents, stories, resources, encouragement, hopes and dreams. Each person, each part mattered. We kept showing up for each other and we really did it.


I have this print by Raquel Garcia hanging above my computer as a constant, and lovely, reminder that we are all connected. That we rely on each other. That we are all truly better off for knowing and loving everyone around us.

We built something great together, something beautiful together and now we get to enjoy it together. And together we can continue to support others doing the work to make sure everybody has a place to belong.

Please watch for one final blog post from the Eli’s Park Project highlighting a very special project. One that is near and dear to my heart. Let’s lift them up Pathways people!


Hope to see you soon at Pathways Park.


With all my love and gratitude,

Paige (Eli’s mom)


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