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A Home for Gnome

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Dear Mom,

I got my copy of A Home for Gnome in the mail today.

I love every aspect of this book. From the sweet story, to the beautiful illustrations, to the clever language, to the fact that you’re so generously giving 100% of proceeds to the Eli’s Park Project. It’s really amazing.

I have a favorite part though. I love that each character relies on the kindness and support of others, while also having something valuable to offer. It’s how I remember Eli. He needed support for some things that come naturally to many of us—walking, eating, talking. And at the same time, he was teaching us all about love and belonging.

I want to always remember this: Every one of us needs help and every one of us can help.

I’m so proud of you, Mom. Not just for writing such a beautiful story. The support for this Seattle-based park project from my hometown, all the way across the state, is a testament to the way you have lived your life in Wenatchee. It’s a reflection of the way you see the best in people and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

We're experiencing the powerful ripple effect of your lifetime of love for others. Thank you.

I love you, mom.


A Home for Gnome is available for purchase at:!

A heartfelt thanks to Rufus Woods of The Wenatchee World for featuring our project and Mom’s contribution in his column. We appreciate you, Rufus, and your commitment to reporting with compassion and supporting a more inclusive community.


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