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$850,000 for Eli's Park?

Friends, Supporters and Beautiful People Who Made Eli’s Park Project Possible…

We are finalists for a really exciting grant from the Dan Thompson Memorial Fund for $850,000! If we receive this award we will surpass our fundraising goal, break ground this summer and build the entire park! (We’re pretty sure we need to exceed $5 million by a comfortable margin in the current market to guarantee nothing gets cut.)

We need your help one more time!

This grant is funded through the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). The last step in securing this funding is to prove to the council that the funding will directly benefit people who are eligible for DDA services.

If you are a teacher, community group or organization who serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, will you write letter on behalf of your organization and community stating who you are, who you serve and how people who are eligible for DDA services will utilize the park once it’s built?

If you have a disability, or love and care for someone with a disability, will you write a short testimonial stating how you, as a person, or with a person, who is eligible for DDA services will utilize the park once it’s built?

Absolutely anything you can send by Friday, May 6th will greatly increase our chances of securing this last amount and beginning the next chapter of the project.

Please send all responses to Paige at and we will compile and share with the council.

So much love and gratitude to you all. Let's build this park!


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